About Us

Killer Kangarooz have been programmable and developed based on 100s of thousands of different variations. We tried to design origin characteristics you've never seen on the blockchain before! Each series is limited, That means once a series is sold out, there will be no more of that series produced, Each series comes with a scarcity factor. If you miss a series launch, keep your eyes open for future series. We will be launching a total of 3 collections in 2022 totaling 10,000. The amount of NFTs released each series will decrease as the year goes on. In Q3 we aim to launch the “Kangarena” a NFT PvP fighting game built around our Kangaroo ecosystem. NFTs are a very hectic space, Killer Kangarooz was created to be an escape from that. So enjoy collecting and building with us.

Whitelist Minting 500 on March 4th, 2022 12:00 EST

Minting first 4,500 on March 5th, 2022 12:00 EST


Growing the Killer Kangarooz community is one of the most important aspects for our project. We felt it would only be fair to have a private whitelist mint for our early supporters and investors, whitelist minting will be a day before public minting and half the price! Spots will be limited and go quick. In order to succeed as an NFT project we plan to bring in as many NFT investors as possible into the community and grow as a whole. In order to do this we will be carrying out as many effective and unsaturated marketing methods in the crypto space. It is extremely important that we partner with influencers and other crypto/NFT projects. After the first drop is sold out we will be donating 25% to an organization of the communities choosing. Reinvesting 20% into the secondary market to raise floor price. With the rest of the funds being reinvested into the community and the project's second drop scheduled for late August. We will have a marketing campaign starting in March with multiple collaborations from top influencers leading up to our second drop of 3000 Killer Kangarooz. The floor price on these will essentially be much higher due to low quantity. In quarter 3 of 2022 we will be launching the Kangarena where you will be able to settle who the real King is. The Kangarena will be a NFT PvP arena exclusively made to battle your kangarooz, we hope to build a full ecosystem around the Kangarena. At this point, the development team will work internally and externally (with the community) to formalize and announce our new series of roadmap activations. This is just the beginning.

The Team